Sunday, January 13, 2013

Elijah is now two months old. He is simply more adorable and how my love has grown for him. If I do not see him for a few days, I long for him and must stop by, even it is just to catch a glimpse of the sweet face.
He is the beautiful part of my existence. The part that is pure and good. Whenever I am upset or angry or there is ugliness, I close my eyes and think of Elijah. I feel him in my arms, that soft trusting body cuddled up to me, so trusting, knowing Granny loves to cuddle  him.
I see him in his mother's arms, and know she was just born to be a mother. She knows his different cries and knows how to calm and sooth him. He hears her voice and turns to find her. Its just simply awesome to see a mother with her baby. Something so precious, a moment to keep in your heart forever.
Daddy feeds him late at night and he is half asleep but his eyes flutter open and looks up into the strong bearded face and knows, that my dad. He wont allow anything bad to happen to me and I am totally safe in these arms.He looks into his dad's eyes and sees and feel his dad's love.
This little baby can change and touch so many lives. What an awesome God we have that made this miracle possible and every child is definitely a gift from God and an awesome creation.

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