Monday, July 27, 2009

Every morning is a gift; the gift of a new day. Appreciate and be grateful for each new day and make the best of each day. You never know, it may be your last. Life can change in an instant, and nothing is a sure thing. Everything you have can be taken away in an instant. So start your day right. Bring the Lord into your day, release this day to him and ask him what you can do for someone else to day. When you stop thinking that life is all both you, you will start living.
There are times when I wish I could just stay in bed all day and maybe never ever wake up again but than I realise how bl est I am to be able to wake to new day. No matter what I may be challenged with that day, I know the Lord's strength is my strength. I am so loved, I am so protected and I am so blest.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A storm has broken and its harsh and strong. Winds scream all around me, shaking me to its very core. Its relentless, its harsh and I wonder, will I weather this storm? The storms of life come when we least expect it, unfurling its full anger and destructiveness at us. This can a harsh cruel world. Things you thought were good and true, turn out to be evil and cruel. You think you know someone well, you've spent so many years together and there is a darkside that you never knew at all. But no matter what storms ride,we know that we are not alone. My Heavenly Father is there with me,and I am hiding under the shadow of his wings until this storm has passed. I am strong, for his strength is my strength and when it gets to hard for me to walk and Istumble, He will carry me. He is the one person I can trust.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I just read a beautiful sharing by my brother. Tomorrow is promised to no one and we really do not have a control over Life. Something can happen , and in an instant our lives can change forever. That is so true and I think even frightening at times. But if you have faith in the Lord, you know that whatever life brings, he will equip you to handle it. This is why we do not fear, because we trust him with our lives. This is the big difference.
I have started working now and to be honest, I don't know if I love it or hate it. Its just something I need to do. I have to keep busy or I know what will take over. Wish I had someone to just hold me and tell me it will all be alright. But then again I am not alone. I do have someone who listens and hears every word I say. He loves me unconditionally and even when I don't tell him I need him, he knows and I feel his comfort and peace around me. There is always a new day tomorrow, a new beginning and we must embrace it as such, or else we would not be able to go on. Let the joy of the Lord fill our hearts with his love and peace.