Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its another year over.Many things we should have done and did not. We wish we could perhaps have done things differently.But we cannot turn back the clock except to look forward. Do not fear about tomorrow, because it will come and go and Life will still go on. But never give up, never say I cannot. There are no limits to what you can do except the limits you put on yourself. So reach for the sky, dream big dreams and walk into the new year with confidence.God goes before you preparing the way. Trust him, even though you do not understand, even though you feel afraid, even though you think you just cannot go on anymore. THERE IS NO STRONGHOLD MY GOD CANNOT BREAK, NO MOUNTAIN MY GOD CANNOT MOVE, NO DISEASE MY GOD CANNOT HEAL AND NO MIRACLE MY GOD CANNOT WORK.
Go into the new year expecting God's best for you always. Walk in great expectation, miracles are yours because he is a miracle working God. Enjoy God's best for you. Praise him night and day, be faithful as he is faithful. God's favour is upon you and he will make you prosper in all your ways.
Isaiah 60:5-THE WEALTH OF THE GENTILES SHALL COME TO YOU. His glory will be seen in your life.

! look forward to the next year and receive God's blessings.
Meet Me in the Meadow by Roy Lessin

God's purest Light to show us the way;
God's perfect Savior to free us from sin;
God's tender Shepherd to care for our needs;
God's sure Foundation to make us secure;
God's fullest Joy to give us a song;
God's broken Bread to satisfy our hunger;
God's conquering King to rule in our hearts;
God's healing Fountain to make us whole;
God's highest Purpose to fulfill our longings;
God's quieting Peace to bring us rest;
God's redeeming Love to make us His own.

They will call him Immanuel, which means "God is with us." Matthew 1:23 NLT

-Roy Lessin

This si so profundly beautiful and it moves me so much. Blessed christmas to all of you. Its not about the gifts under the tree but the gift that was given us, thousands of years ago.God gave his son to die for us so we would be saved.When you can understand this gift, what it actually meant you will be able to understand this kind of love

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The year is ending and somethings end with it. Time to let go and let God. There is always a new beginning waiting for us. I am at peace with the decisions I have made. I need to let go and than perhaps we can find peace and happiness.For the first time I am not afraid and in fact I feel excited at what tomorrow will bring. Finally I feel free. No more regrets or tears or looking back. I have so much to be thankful for: the good times we had, my family and friends who helped me through this dark time in my life. Most of all I want to thank the Lord Jesus for never leaving me, for holding me in his arms all those lonely nights I cried myself to sleep. He has become my best friend, constantly by my side. I do not fear tomorrow, because he goes ahead to clear the way for me.
So all you women out there who feel there is nothing left and do not know who to turn to, turn to him and let him change your life forever, Remember you are wonderfully made in his image. Expect the best and only the best will come to you.Do not settle for anything less. Do not let fear take over, God did ont gie you a spirit of fear, but power and love and a sound voice. Be blessed