Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The best holiday ever! Beautiful days of beautiful countryside(my favourite) and even the days of just sitting at home, all tucked up and chatting were beautiful.There has been no stress, no tension, just days and days of peace and enjoyment. London city is a huge bustling city, so cosmopolitan that I am sure you can find every race in this city.What I loved most was the old houses, all cosy with beautiful flowers outside .The shops were awesome and so many beautiful things and fashion.Fashion as you have never seen it.Sheila and Val(my host and hostess)are absolutely beautiful people.I have learnt so much from them these past few weeks.They are a beautiful couple,simple yet classy and so warm.They have showered me with care and love and I am so blessed.Their love for each other is so apparent. They are completely relaxed with each,good teamwork(a must for a good marriage) and openness.I wish................Well I cannot turn back the clock.I look forward to going home, so much to do.Have to get on with my life.But I am truly blessed to have all so much.Thank you Lord

Monday, July 4, 2011

Still in London
My days here are so idyllic and peaceful.There is no rush and commotion which normally accompanies me and time goes by so smoothly. In fact some days I am so totally unaware of the time. Like it simply stands still.Wonderful days.The countryside is so beautiful and I love the houses. Sometimes I wish I could stop and have a quick peek inside their homes.Just curious.We went to Leeds Castle and it was simply awesome.I can imagine how it must be back in those times.The bedrooms and drawing rooms were so opulent but a little cold and formidable too.Kind of Erie but not in a frightening sense.The grounds were simply magnificent and there were times when you felt that a prince or something was going to come dashing around the corner on his horse.Wouldn't that have been something.I loved everything about it.Wish I could have spent the night there.That would have been something.Wonder if I would have slept at all.All those creepy corridors and winding steps all over the castle.But it was really something to see.Did I see my knight in shinning armour? Well not yet......anyway am going back for another visit.