Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For the past few weeks I have watched my friend, sink into despair and suffering. She is constantly in pain, being sick, and worse of all being treated badly by a man who promised to love and care for her. She has suffered abuse, both verbal and physical, humiliation, depression and the list just goes on and on. Friends say to me why does she not leave him? I was amazed that she still loved him. He has no respect for her at all. Everyday in her household its a day of uncertainty and worry. What will he do tonight when he comes back drunk?No human being should b treated in that way.So why does she continue to live with him? Is it fear, a feeling that we cannot survive without him. Is that what she thinks life is all about and cannot expect anything else?She is a beautiful person who deserves so much more.She was strong but her illness has got her down. Why cant this useless man see the goodness in her. For that matter other men too, who do this to their wives?

So my dear dear friend,
Be strong, you have a deep inner strength that you know exist deep within you,
draw on this strength now,
Never give another human being the right to take away your self worth.
Love yourself and know that you are worth fighting for.
God loves you so much and even though you do not know him, he knows you.
You have a right to be happy. Look for happiness elsewhere.
Believe in yourself and know I believe in you.
I know you will rise out of this a stronger women, undefeated.
As you lie in that hospital bed, let the peace of god come upon you and give you rest, so your healing will begin right now. Rest in God's bosom and let him hold you close to his heart.
I am always here for you and I love you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


You have to be a mother to know what it feels like and sure its not a bed of roses all the time, and yea sure you'd feeling like killing them sometimes but there is no other job, no other role in this life than being a MOTHER.
I remember when I heard I was pregnant for the first time. I immediately felt different. I felt as if I was the only person in the world to get pregnant. I felt so elated and at times so worried. Would I be a good mum? Would I know how to teach them the way of life.I had so many dreams for this baby, what I wanted him to be; what kind of mother I would be. Then on the 04July 1980, I held my son for the first time in my arms and wow!nothing prepared me for what I felt. This little life came from me, I had to protect him and love him at all cost. He curled his little fingers around my thumb and in that instant we bonded. He knew I was his mum.
He was a whole learning experience for me, but I lived with my parents then and they were such a big help. Being in my family home with my brothers and their wives all under one roof, my son became their son too. Eager hands were always around to carry him and comfort him when I was not around.
Then in 1983, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I looked at her and could not believe she was mine. When I first held her, I felt so awed that this little bit of a thing was mine. She looked up at me with her grey eyes and in that instant I knew I could never stop loving her and would give my life for her anytime. I dreamed of all the cute dresses she would wear and how I do her hair.But she had a head full of curls that had a will of their own. There was no taming them into a pony tail with little clips.I used to love to watch my two children sleep. That was the best time for me. I would go lie down with them before they slept and pray with them and those were special bonding times for me.
Seven years later, god decided to bless me again with a beautiful baby girl. She was my Christmas baby and my miracle baby. She had some complications, but god had other plans for her. When I got pregnant with her I was 38 and I felt too old. But when she came out kicking and screaming, I knew this one was impatient to begin her life. She was a beautiful,chubby baby, so full of life.If she was hungry or wanted something, she'd let you know in no uncertain terms. I loved to watch her run around, her curls would literally bounce on her head. Oh! she was beautiful and so full of life.Th only time you would find her quiet was when she slept. Such an angel she looked then.She was special because even at such a young age, there was this closeness with Jesus. I was amazed sometimes at the things she said and the dreams she had even at such a young age.
All my kids are different in so many ways, but I could not have hoped for better children. I wished I could have kept them with me all the time and it was the hardest thing to let them go. But I have handed them over to their heavenly father as its his turn now to have his way with them. I have not been a perfect mom and I know there were times I would have let them down and even hurt them. But they know I am sorry and that I love them so much. They are my joy and there is never a day when I do not pray for them. I pray they make the right choices in the lives, trust God for he knows the plans he has for them.
May the Lord bless you always
May god give you the desires of your heart
May he make all your plans succeed.

You have grown up to be good and kind caring people.You are responsible adults and have never given me reason to worry and doubt you. You have brought me nothing but happiness and have made my life on earth a good one. It has been my honour to be your mother. I have brought you up the best I knew how and sometimes I would have failed you, so please forgive me for that. Remember we had this thing where I would ask you what you did not like about me and you kids would open your hearts out. You taught me so much too. Now you all have your own lives and I am happy hat you have chosen well,who you want to spend the rest of your lives with.I want you to be happy. I am so proud of you three. I love you.