Monday, November 28, 2011

"Joy to the World" is blasting from my radio and its Christmas time creeping in again. I look back on the last 9 months and I thank God because if not for him I would not have come this far. I know now that I need to keep looking ahead not back. I wish I could turn back the clock and rectify all the mistakes we made but there is no going back on the road. Its a time for moving ahead, a time for forgiving and enjoy the good that we see. I am at peace at last. I can put away my sadness now. But that does not mean I give up hoping. When there is a God who loves us, there is always hope. I am so blessed in what I have. I m richly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved . There is so much more for me ahead and I anticipate each day with eagerness. I am for signs and wonders!
Thank you Lord!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Been such a long time since I wrote. Too lazy or just could not put into words what I was thinking. Brain Freeze I think. Well I have some wonderful testimonies. Firstly while in England, I spoke to God one night. I asked him to get me a job. I was specific. I told him I wanted to work in a Christan Organization or a ministry but I needed a salary too. I asked him to let me rest for a week on my return before I would start work. He did just that. I now work for a Christian NGO and I see his work and his love just enfolding everyday before my eyes. Is he not just AWESOME! I believed that he would get me the job I wanted. I sent an email, within half hour I called for an interview and subsequently got the job. Now listen to this... The interview was some place I had never been before. Can you believe I found the Office easily. I was led by the Holy Spirit. If you know the Jesus I serve and love you will believe me.
I am enjoying my work, working for this Man of God who is teaching me to be humble. I am awed when I see the power of God working. I am so humbled.
I am at peace, but sometimes I longs for the past. I grieve for those things past but time moves on and I look to new things. I know I am strong and Abba is with me always. When I feel tired and faint he will be there to hold me.