Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thanks Lizzie girl for that. You too are a talented and exceptional daughter. I am always so proud of you . My kids learnt well the lessons of love and compassion for other people. Their father always tried to make them see, when they were kids, that we were all equal: they were not too grand to eat or drink in a poor man's home.
Well its 13 days more to RRRRRRRRRETIREMENT day and I am excited and exhilarated. I feel good that I am doing the right thing. Some people ask me, Arent you afraid.? Why should I be? The Lord has been ministering to me through Pastor Martin and I am so blessed to have him as my friend and pastor. Each day as I take communion with the Lord, I feel physcially stronger and also spiritually. God's teaching me and leading me at the same time. I am going through some some really great intimate times with the Lord. I am really quite far removed from the things of this world. Prehaps not entirely, but I do not crave the material things that I once wanted so much. Life itself has a new meaning .Its all about my LORD and nothing else. I am going to meet him on this road that I am taking, just like Paul encountered him on the road to Damascus. I want my family, each one of them to encounter him too and I know they will.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am so many things to so many people that who am I? I am an individual who has got lost in all the parts I play. I want to be myself, be proud of myself. I have played so many parts and roles expected of me by that particular person. Who knows the real me? I try to be what is expected of me and even then its not good enough. The drama of my life has been going on for so many years, that I, Linda am lost in there somewhere. I cry silently but noone hears. Guess as Jess emo lah! Its not late for me and at last I am beginning to know myself. I love myself and I am going to be an exceptional individual person and people are going to talk about me long after I am gone. My lord knows what this is all about, dont you lord? Its my time Lord to rediscover who I am and what I want to do with the rest of my life. Life has got to get better and everything I have ever done, right or wrong, has brought me to this time in my life. Lift the veil and see things how they really are. I am gonigto be renewed

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Feel so tired after the wedding bash is over. It was out of this world. The setting in the garden with the sun going down was so beautiful. Sheena and Sudesh mde sch a great couple. Everything went according to plan. My kids were down with their friends and it was great to have them. Of course there were some minor upsets but I did not let that bother me. I feel so sleepy and exhausted. Just waiting to pick Jess from tution and then I am going to hit the sack.
Lizzie's friend was a real nice guy but kinda of on the quiet side. Guess we overwelhmed him. You know how we IGNATIUS CAN BE! Shan's friend was the opposite. Nice girl though. Well its in the Lord's hands. I trust my babies into his hands. Always have and always will.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hard to be a mum

It sure is hard! wait till you are one. My kids are hurting and I am helpless. I f I could take the pain I would! Today is Shan's birthday and he sounded so frus becoz his leave got screwed up. I did look forward to seeing him. But as I told him things happen for a reason. We must learn to TRUST IN GOD IN ALL THINGS, NO MATTER HOW SMALL. My girls are also with the own problems and as I read their blogs, I begin to understand what they go through. Lizzie writes from her soul. Her writing is creative and very discriptive. Her feeling are right out there. Jess writes from her pain of what goes no around her. I wish I could take that pain away. If only you girls knew how much I love you and how I hurt when you guys hurt. Remember though that god watches over you always. I ran to him when you are in pain, and he tells me- I know, they are hurting. They dont know it but I am carrying them!!!
Thank you Lord for watching over my little chicks