Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something good comes out of everything! That is what I always believe and how true it has become. I was so broken and thought I would never heal, so lost and did not know what to do or who to turn too. It seems this battle was mine alone. I was all broken up inside but then he came to me.He told me to go to Grow church and I did.When the worship began I felt myself being uplifted and surrounded by this warm soft feeling. I knew you were there with me Lord. You saw my tears and held me when I cried. You gave me hope and told me you cared. I was not alone, you were right there, carrying me. I have never looked back since. Day by day you strengthened me and encouraged me with your word. You lift me up everyday, and when I look for you, you are always there. Your joy is my strength. I appreciate each day and each day is always special to me. You teach me and correct me and let me see how blest I really am. You thought me to surrender but not to give up. Just let you have your way not mine.I love you Lord so much and I know you will never leave me or forsake me. What an awesome GOD you are

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Right now I wish I was alone on a beautiful Island, a cool breeze fanning my face,the waves like playful children racing each other and the quietness all around. This is a secret place I go to when nothing in my life makes sense anymore. I escape to my Island where nothing bothers me anymore and no one can get to me. The quietness drains me of my sadness, taking away the pain too. There I look up and see my Lord come to me. He quietly sits beside me and gently, I lay my head on his shoulder. His arm comes around me and the peace that no man can give, he gives, and it floods my soul. I feel the love all around me, and I am uplifted. He whispers softly" just close your eyes and rest, I am here. I will carry those heavy burdens for you, why I will even carry you"
So I continue to lean on him and his love envelopes me.
matthew 11:28.