Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Its hard to grow old. You can see the signs of aging setting in and you cant stop it.No amount of creams and face lifts can slow it. Its not so bad getting old in the face and even the wrinkles I can accept but it the bad health that gets to me. My bones feel OLD. Every morning I wake up to pain in my joints, throughout the day I am in some kind of pain,sitting too long my back aches, doing housework my elbow and wrist hurt, cant bend my knees without some kind of pain and can't sleep at night because my back and neck hurts(too long in one position). But I am not giving in without a fight. I walk twice a day and I just love that. Still do all my own housework(ache or not) and in spite of this I am happy to be alive. Its the Lord who sees me through each day.His grace that gets me through the day.I AM THE RIGHTEOUS OF THE LORD THROUGH CHRIST JESUS . I claim that I am healed and made whole in Jesus Mighty Name. You have to have faith otherwise you have nothing.Life is full of ups and downs, but its Jesus who helps us through all that.I turn to him for everything.
Shannon has to make some big decisions, and I pray god give him the wisdom to make the right choices for the right reasons. Lizze seems preocupied and distant sometimes. I pray god bring her peace in her work and also help her to find a really nice place for her to stay. Jess, I know is very homesick and missing me as much as I am missing her.May the Lord bless her with good friends and let her be happy with what she is doing. Let her excel and do well.