Monday, April 27, 2009

My wise daughter commented that we have to look beyond the imperfections and not that when we are happy, everything is perfect. She is right. We are all imperfect creatures struggling in this imperfect world of ours. But the secret is to never give up trying and except that we will never be perfect, but we make the best of what we have and what we are. I wake up in the morning and I make a choice to get up and get going and sometimes I struggle but I have a strong willpower. Every morning, I feel I have turned a new page in my diary and its a blank page. So its up to me how my day goes. Yea sure unexpected things and circumstances come up but its how we handle it that counts. We can either give in, feel sorry for ourselves or do something to change those circumstances. ITS WHAT YOU THINK THAT REALLY MATTERS. WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF THAT REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When we wake in the morning we have two simple choices:

Go back to sleep and dream
wake up and chase your those dreams
the choice is yours!

So wake up this morning with a song in your heart. Make the choice to be happy and glad to be a live. Spend every waking moment today wisely and appreciate each moment as a golden opportunity. Appreciate the love you have in your lives. Treasure them because that love can be taken from you at any moment. In an instant our lives can change forever, so seize the day and live it as best as you can. When you give in to someone you love, it does not mean you are weak.But that you just think that what you are fighting about is not worth being angry or making someone you love hurt.Love today as you have never loved before. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? When its gone tomorrow do not let it get you down but remember all the good memories you have saved over the years. Draw on them and use them to make you smile and your heart light. Remember that nothing last, so treasure each moment of what you have and do not waste your time fighting and being angry with each other. If you have lost love already, do not be sad and think its the end. There is always tomorrow to find a new kind of love. Learn to love yourself first. You are wonderfully made in your master's image. You are a new creation today, you are born again every morning.The Lord only has good plans for you, so believe in yourself first. Walk into this day with joy in your hearts,expecting God's best for you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Recently I have began to feel down or rather let myself feel down and sorry for myself. Today I saw on Oprah a whole family addicted to Heroin. The Parents, and their two sons.They have lost everything, have no hope but desperately long to get out of this. Hopefully Oprah was able to help them. When we think we have so much of shit to handle, all you need to do is just think of the other person whose situation is so much worse than yours.I am so thankful to the Lord because he has blessed me so much. I have three beautiful children, who thrive to do their best and yet hold on to their values and principles. I have a beautiful home and so much people who love and care for me. Everyday when I can walk and see and hear and do things for myself, I am so blessed. So I am going to be thankful and give back the blessing I have received. I want to make a difference in peoples life today. Jesus is my answer, Jesus is my all. What would I do without you Lord? My strength has been renewed today.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yesterday I took a friend to see her son in prison. He is being charged with kidnapping. Her older son is in another prison being charged with possession of a dangerous drug. As I went into the prison, I saw many young man there, some barely in their teens. They looked lost and frightened and my heart just went out to them. Somewhere out there a mother worries and cries silent tears for her son,locked up somewhere. My friend's son is just 19 years old, I have known him since he was five or six. His mother looked so broken and so fragile after her visit. She was with me but yet her heart and spirit was with her son, in that cell which he had to share with ten other people. I have a son and I don't know how I would be if this had happened to him. No matter if our sons become rapist or terrorist or murderers, they are still out sons, and we cannot help but still love them. The bond between a mother and her kids are so strong, its one of the toughest strings to break.
When I went home, I called my own children, just to hear their voice, assuring me that they were OK. I felt like telling them please come home and stay with me, I really do not want to let you go. That is a big horrible world out there and I need to protect you. I felt like taking a bus to K.L. just to see them, hear them call me mum.
But I can only pray for them, and I know the Lord watches over them.
To my children, I love you so much and my desire is for you to be happy. I may have failed you sometimes and I am so sorry. Be blessed my darlings