Saturday, June 18, 2011

Have been in London for a week now and have enjoyed every minute of it.You know I love country sides and where I am staying is so beautiful.It brings me so much peace and such a joy.I feel the Lord all around me.I thank him for making all this possible.I am seeing his grace everyday.When I had this awful gum infection, I cried out to him and he took it away.I had an IBS attack in the bus in London and he made it possible for me to reach Victoria station in time.Isn't our God just wonderful.Its summer but a cold rainy one but there is still so much to enjoy.From where I am sitting I can see a big bush of pink roses.The flowers here in summer are so beautiful.Which I could live here.But I thank God for allowing me to able to see all this.I just seem to sense his precence all around me, even right now.Sheila and Val are two lovely people.I am just wrapped up with so much of love and caring here.Thank my sister too for making all this possible too.I am so blessed to ave family like this.I am off to another great day in London