Sunday, August 21, 2011

Created with Love

You're formed by God's hands,
dreamed up in His heart,
and placed in this world for a purpose.
There's no one else like you...
You're one of a kind, irreplaceable.
God has given you everything you need
and created you just as you need to be
to make a difference
in your own wonderful way.
So go for it, friend.
The world is waiting
and heaven is cheering you on.

--Excerpts from the new book God's Heart for You by Holley Gerth

Beautiful Inspiring worlds....

Monday, August 8, 2011

After an exciting and wonderful holiday, I came back full of expectation and promise.You See I prayed and asked the Lord for a job when I returned.I was very specific-I wanted a job in an NGO or christian organization. I wanted to work for the Lord.I believed that after I prayed that it was already done and God had a door opened for me.I went to London at peace and he ministered to me and gave me time to spend with him. It was such a restful holiday. Two weeks after I returned I got a job working for an outreach organization. I am amazed at the goodness of the Lord. He gave me what I asked for.Best of all I am in a "relationship" with my Lord.He is so real to me and my life is all about him. I wake up with him, I eat with him, stuck in a jam with him and he reveals things in his "word" that blows my mind away.Everyday I am constantly reminded of his Love and awesomeness. This great God loves me, me! can you imagine that!
You know what? he loves you too, if you will let him. Let his peace just come upon you today!