Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gods plans are so different from ours. we do not always have to understand them, but just trust in him.Today I learnt that being depressed or fearful about our future is actually a sin against God.Because then we doubt him. I have been so strengthened by him theses last few days. Spending alot of time on my own has been so rewarding because I was not alone.He constantly filled my mind with his thoughts.Everyone should have a day when you switch off your phones, the t.v etc and sit before him to hear his voice. In that stillness you will hear his voice.
I wake up every morning in expectancy, expecting God's best for me. Its not that everything will be perfect, or there will be no storms, but that he will give me the power to make the best of that storm, that trial.I learn about his love for me everyday and I am so awed by it. I am at peace in spite of what goes on around me. I know he knows my greatest desire and in his time it will come to pass and someone so dear to me will be saved. I wait for that day when you realise how much God loves you and just how blessed you really are.