Monday, March 11, 2013

Elijah is now four months old and for the past four months almost every weekend is spent with him. I am really enjoying being his grandmother. He is such a beautiful baby, always happy and ready to laugh and smile. He is my reason to feel joy when I wake up every morning and count the days to the weekend. In the early hours of the morning is my "quiet" time with him. I give him his first feed for the day  and throughout all this he quietly watches me through sleepy eyes. I call his name and he gives me that half smile "Grandma  I am still sleepy" After  I change his diaper he comes more awake and decides he wants to have a conversation  with Grandma at 6.00am. I hold him in my arms, cuddling him close to me. I feel his warm little body close to me and pure love and joy just flows through me. I have only known him for four months and I would gladly give my life for him. He has completely changed my life. I rock him gently until he falls asleep again and reluctantly lay him down on his cot. I linger a bit longer looking down at him. My little Angel and I look forward to more quiet time with him when he awakes later.

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